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Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie: Marshawn Lynch ‘has more than enough left’

Despite sitting out last season, Marshawn Lynch is expected to pick his game up where he left it.

During a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie discussed the running back’s return and expressed his confidence in Lynch’s ability to put up big numbers after coming out of retirement.

The Ohio State cornerback was not arrested and has yet not been charged with a crime in the active police investigation. He passed a polygraph conducted by at least one anonymous NFL team, according to NFL Network. That team was not the Raiders, but clearly word got around Conley seems to be being honest about the incident.

He strongly denied any wrongdoing when the accusations became public earlier this week.

What the Raiders are getting in Conley on the field is a 6-foot, 195-pound cornerback with tremendous athleticism. Conley started every game for the Buckeyes over the last two seasons and was an all-Big Ten selection each year.

Conley’s strength is as a press corner with excellent speed and ball skills. Conley spoke with nearly every team since news of the rape allegation broke on Tuesday to clear his name.

Alabama players had a slow start in the first round coming off the board, but by the time Friday night ended, nine former Crimson Tide players had NFL homes. Funny enough, the Redskins and Ravens each reeled in two of the six total Tide defenders.

Just like Jonathan Allen was the perfect 3-4 end for Washington, so went Ryan Anderson at outside linebacker. Baltimore backed up its Marlon Humphrey pass coverage pick with Tim Williams for the pass rush. It pays to have a scheme that meshes well with Nick Saban’s factory.kings_1663774

That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.

Nurkic’s skill set, though, has shined through not only against the Thunder, but in his entire tenure with Portland as well. He’s averaging 16.5 points, nearly 10 rebounds, and five assists per game in the eight games since coming over from Denver.

“He gives us something we haven’t had for the last two years,” Lillard said of Nurkic on March 3, according to The Oregonian’s Sean Meagher.

It’s his play that has jolted an underperforming Portland team and has earned praise from Hall of Fame big man and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal.

“Nurkic, Chuck, I really like him in the post,” O’Neal said to Charles Barkley during a segment on Inside the NBA. “Great skill. I don’t know why Denver gave him up.”

That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.
The day after the Trail Blazers acquired Nurkic, head coach Terry Stotts broke down how he’d like to use his new center.

“Certainly we want to put him in opportunities, whether it’s on the post, or in pick-and-roll, in passing situations, and see what he’s comfortable with,” Stotts said, according to The Oregonian. “He’s a skilled player, and we’ll make the best use of that.”

The other pressing question, after ‘what will United do?’, is ‘what will it mean?’. Mourinho’s team sheets tend to be taken as more than just selections. As messages. This player is in favor, this other player is in disgrace. And so the temptation, particularly if Rashford or Martial are given something important to do in Ibrahimovic’s absence, will be to wonder if this amounts to some hint for the future.

After all, Ibrahimovic is already too old to be doing what he’s doing, and the rumor mill suggests that he may not take up the option of a second year at United. There is particular interest in seeing Rashford given center stage, given the buzz surrounding his emergence and the ongoing excitement over just how good he might turn out to be.11

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Trope alert! Eddie Lacy posts rehab footage in pool

The offseason pool party continues.

It’s a refreshing approach by the 49ers, but Kaepernick is widely expected, on March 2, to opt out of a contract set to pay him $16.9 million in salary and bonuses.

What unfolded between the team and passer behind closed doors on Wednesday could impact that decision. So could San Francisco’s pursuit of another starter — namely Washington’s Kirk Cousins or New England’s Jimmy Garoppolo. If Shanahan can wrestle away either in a trade — assuming the Redskins tag Cousins — then paying Kaepernick his hefty salary makes zero sense.

Speaking this week, Shanahan expressed no desire to panic under center, telling KNBR-AM: “You don’t want to gamble. You want to be aggressive in everything, but you got to do what’s right. You have to build your team the right way and that’s what I mean by being patient.”

Pretty words, but Shanahan is no newbie. He knows the honeymoon will end quickly in San Francisco if the team endures another season of horrid quarterback play.

No matter what anyone says, Kaepernick is hardly atop the coach’s wish list.

Vance Joseph, another apple off the Marvin Lewis tree, also has a very good setup and will be in need of veteran tackle help in Denver. It’s been difficult to see the slow trickle of talent leaving the Bengals over the years but encouraging that they wanted to hold onto the likes of A.J. Green and Gio Bernard.

“What is clear,” Rapoport added on NFL Total Access, “is that almost certainly Cutler’s time in Chicago is done.”

The surrealness of him playing badly in this game is doubled and emphasized by Barcelona being overran

They look like a team that was outscored, outshot, and plainly outplayed by a great and prepared PSG. It was a game where they lacked control, and coincidentally the best and usual architect for that role struggled.

The surrealness of him playing badly in this game is doubled and emphasized by Barcelona being overran. And it shows every time they lose by a large score. They have no idea how to deal with such a reality. A world in which the predator becomes the prey. They just look stupefied.

They continue doing what they’ve always known because it’s always worked, and the hope remains that it will again. They don’t know how else to be. Iniesta does it as well. He couldn’t do anything else but play as he’s always known. To desperately try to control the game, even as it ran by him. To try triangles when he was misplacing the pass. It’s always worked for him and his play is so innate that he should feel a defender 10 yards before they try to surprise him from behind. And when he doesn’t and the ball is taken, he looks just as astonished as his teammates did when PSG kept scoring and they couldn’t.

The week begins in a fairly casual manner, with a couple of days where the players don’t necessarily have to compete. Registration, interviews, medical exams, psychological testing, and physical measurements take up the bulk of the first few days, with the first on-field workouts starting on Friday, March 3. Special teamers, offensive linemen, and running backs will be the first to showcase their talents on the field.

One of the more interesting position groups to watch will be quarterback, where Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes are all looking to separate themselves from the other signal callers in this year’s draft class. Where Jared Goff and Carson Wentz seemed to be the consensus top two at this time last year, there’s still no shoo-in for the top passer, or even a guy who many consider to be a lock as a top-two QB.

Trent Richardson probably had a perfectly good reason for running away from that hole, jerks

Trent Richardson has not had the NFL career everyone thought he would coming out of college. The first-round pick has spent time on multiple teams, and is now playing for the Oakland Raiders. Friday night, in a preseason game, Richardson performed his patented “run away from the hole the line has opened and into a group of people trying to tackle you” move.

maybe Trent Richardson just wanted to go hang out with his friends in the pile did you ever think about that jerks?

Rivers was making an average of just over $15 million per season on his previous contract, and his play hasn’t declined at all since he signed that deal. San Diego hasn’t found the success it wants, but that hasn’t had much to do with Rivers’ play. He’s been excellent for years, and is coming off a season in which he completed 66.5 percent of his passes for 4,286 yards, 31 touchdowns and 18 interceptions.

Marlon Moore vs. Preston Brown
There’s no video of this one, but apparently Cleveland Browns wide receiver Marlon Moore took off his helmet and traded blows with Buffalo Bills linebacker Preston Brown, who said Moore “came at [him]” as he walked off the field. More like a skirmish than a fight, but at least nobody’s JAW WAS BROKEN.

Geno Smith vs. IK Enemkpali
I only ranked five fights, so that’s why this is fifth. If I ranked 25 fights, it would’ve ranked 25th. This is everything bad about training camp fights rolled into one. The fight happened over a $600 plane ticket and ended with the starting quarterback’s jaw broken and the other player immediately waived from the team, although he was later claimed by the Bills. Todd Bowles has the ongoing challenge now of not allowing the fight to split the team after some players said Smith deserved it, while only Brandon Marshall has publicly come to the quarterback’s defense.

Crennel has failed to find success since leaving Patriot Place

When Eddie Lacy can put up 124 yards and a touchdown on 24 carries, something is working. The Packers rushed for 230 yards as a team, with James Starks adding 71 yards himself. When the Packers were up 14-7 in the fourth quarter, McCarthy called a Starks draw on second-and-25, and Starks took it all the way in for a touchdown. It was great execution by the players on the field, but also a great call by McCarthy.

The Packers, who were also one of the worst teams in third-down situations coming into their game against the Cowboys, managed to convert half of their 14 attempts Sunday.

O’Brien, who served as a member of the Patriots’ offensive coaching staff from 2008-2011, hired former Belichick minions George Godsey and Romeo Crennel to be his offensive and defensive coordinators. Godsey was a tight ends coach in New England and Crennel was the Patriots’ defensive coordinator throughout their dynastic run early last decade. Former Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel and defensive lineman Anthony Pleasant are on the coaching staff as well.

Crennel, of course, is the far more experienced of the five. The 68-year-old football lifer coached alongside Belichick under Bill Parcells with the New York Giants in the 1980s before moving to New England to be a part of Parcells’ staff in 1993. Unlike O’Brien and Godsey, Belichick isn’t Crennel’s mentor. They’re peers.

But like many former Belichick assistants, Crennel has failed to find success since leaving Patriot Place. He went 24-40 in four seasons as coach of the Browns before becoming the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator and later their head coach. The Chiefs went 2-14 under Crennel in 2012 in a tumultuous campaign that took a tragic turn when linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend and himself to death in the Arrowhead Stadium parking lot in early December. Crennel witnessed the incident and tried to talk Belcher out of it to no avail.

Bryant would have been thrown off his game by Norman

Instead he threw the ball to Bryant.

“Saw Dez one-on-one with his guy in the back,” Prescott said. “That’s a guy [Bryant], I’ve said it over and over again since the beginning of the year, I’ll take him one-on-one against anybody.”

Bryant reached up for the pass over Fuller and came down with Jordan Poyer Womens Jersey the 26-yard completion for his fifth catch of the day.

“I kept my eyes on him the whole time,” Bryant said of his quarterback. “I followed him and he knew I was going to be over that way and we connected very well. Got the pass down. We both knew it was important and we executed the play.”

On the next play, Elliott scored on a 1-yard run for a 31-19 lead.

Ryan Fitzpatrick took the shotgun snap, rolled two steps to his right and lofted a pass into the corner of the end zone. He released the ball before Eric Decker looked for it, trusting his receiver would turn at precisely the right moment. It made a soft landing in Decker’s confident hands and he secured it by pressing it gently against his chest for a touchdown.

MetLife Stadium shook, Decker made a Lambeau Leap into the crowd and the New York Jets celebrated a 26-20 overtime win against New England last Dec. 27.

“That feeling was awesome,” tackle Breno Giacomini recalled this week. “To Josh Gordon Womens Jersey hear the crowd and to have him actually jump into that crowd, it was tremendous.”

That play — that win — still shines as the high point of Todd Bowles’ 26-game tenure as head coach. The Jets improved to 10-5, needing only a victory in the season finale to secure a playoff berth. They never got that victory, of course, and they have been sliding backward ever since, unable to re-create that surge of electricity that lit up the team, the stadium and the fan base.

The Vikings’ offense essentially amounts to interim coordinator Pat Shurmur’s various attempts to solve a math problem

Redskins kicker Dustin Hopkins, so good a year ago, hasn’t helped this season, and he missed from 43 and 55 yards Thursday. The latter was a curious decision. He hasn’t been kicking well, so why take that shot, which would Ben Heeney Authentic Jersey have been a career long? It gave Dallas a short field that it turned into a touchdown drive. Later in the game, the Redskins failed to secure an onside kick with 9:22 remaining. Dallas recovered and, with another short field, scored another touchdown.

Defensively, they just aren’t good enough to make consistent stops against an offense such as Dallas’. That isn’t a surprise. But even though they “only” gave up 353 yards, they allowed 31 points and had chances to slow the Cowboys’ offense. Sometimes a missed tackle hurt; other times it was allowing quarterback Dak Prescott to escape pressure. The Redskins are good enough to put themselves in position to win any game, but …

Brees isn’t going anywhere, but perhaps only because he is owed $54 million over the next two seasons. The 35-year-old will be 37 by the time his contract with the Saints expires, meaning New Orleans may also make drastic moves to prepare for Bo Jackson Authentic Jersey life after their Hall of Fame quarterback is no longer effective.

Whatever the thinking, the Saints are being proactive. We’ll see if that’s a good thing.

Prescott and Elliott should have the ownership groups with Washington, the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles looking at them the way Jones looked at RG3 and Morris in 2012.

“Without a question, the future was looking bright,” Redskins defensive end Chris Baker said. “But at the end of the day you have to take it one week at a time. We thought we had the quarterback of the future.

“It was great because it was like Robert couldn’t throw a bad pass. He was throwing great passes to Santana, back shoulder fades to end the half. Everything was just clicking. We were running the ball whenever we wanted to.”

the Saints’ defense has proven productive from a fantasy perspective recently

With nine sacks and six takeaways in the past three games, the Saints’ defense has proven productive from a fantasy perspective recently. The real selling point here is the matchup, as rookie Jared Goff struggled in his debut last week in completing just 54.8 percent of his passes for a lowly 4.35 yards per attempt. Not every league accommodates streaming strong matchups each week at this position, as there are formats where managers often hold onto two defenses and thus the free-agent market is thin this time of year.

In those types of scenarios and with Jason Myers Authentic Jersey the Saints poised as sizable home favorites over a Rams team that rates last in the league with 1.22 points per drive, New Orleans is an interesting streaming commodity.

With 24 tackles in his past two outings and a penchant for big plays during his career, Trevathan could sustain this awesome tackle rate with Jerrell Freeman sidelined due to a four-game suspension. The Titans’ run-heavy approach could feed Trevathan, who is available in nearly 80 percent of leagues, with a steady stream of tackle opportunities.

A snap rate of 77 percent during the past three games with valuable freedom as the team’s free safety has led to Wilson averaging a stellar 8.1 fantasy points per game using ESPN’s IDP scoring model.

Facing the Vikings’ short-pass-centric offense, Wilson could enjoy another nice day in the tackle department on Thanksgiving afternoon. For those seeking a streamer for Sunday, how about Washington’s Donte Whitner? The strong safety has averaged 8.75 tackles during his past four games and should be busy in the box against Dallas’ stellar running attack.

We know the rookie can handle an uptick in targets, as Boyd averaged 8.3 touches per game as a volume-driven receiver for his career at Pitt. It’s impressive to consider Boyd has registered a higher rate of targets and catches per route run than LaFell this Jermey Parnell Authentic Jersey season, and he produced his six receptions against six different defenders in coverage in Week 11, revealing the team’s creative deployment for their young weapon.

On those six catches, Andy Dalton enjoyed a passer rating of 132.3 targeting Boyd, his highest rate when throwing to any of the team’s pass-catchers. Dalton also produced a QBR of 98.5 targeting Boyd this past Sunday, again highest on the team and a massive chasm from the team-worst rate of 1.1 targeting LaFell. With a high-percentage route tree and versatile ability to line up all over the field, I’m intrigued by Boyd’s potential increase in exposure and usage in the wake of injuries to Green and Giovani Bernard.

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