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Panthers’ Cam Newton resumes throwing during team drills

Cam Newton has taken another positive step forward in his rehabilitation.

The Panthers quarterback resumed throwing once again during drills at the team’s workout on Sunday after resting his shoulder the last five days, Max Henson of the team’s official site reported.

Coach Todd Bowles said he isn’t sure whether Whitehead will need surgery, but the break is significant enough to have Whitehead sidelined for considerable time.

“I don’t know if he’s out for the year, but I know he’s out for a little while,” Bowles said.

Whitehead has had an interesting offseason, to say the least. The former Cowboys player first made headlines when he said his puppy, Blitz was being held for ransom.

The dog was returned the next day, but not after bizarre claims that a rapper supposedly had the dog and wanted $20,000 for him.

Less than a month later, a warrant was issued for Whitehead’s arrest for allegedly stealing $40 worth of items from a convenience store in Virginia, even though Whitehead said he wasn’t in the area at the time.

“I support him, I support his movement, I support Colin Kaepernick, I support all the guys, Angela Davis, all the people that came before us to pave the way for what we’re trying to do in the black community,” Martellus Bennett said, via ESPN. “I support everybody and always will. I always will be very pro black, I guess would be the term to say.”

While coach Seahawks Pete Carroll said he believes in Michael Bennett’s rights, he said he preferred everyone to stand for the anthem. Carroll tried to unify the team last season by having everyone stand together and link arms, a sign of both respect and understanding.

However, Baldwin said he not only supports Michael Bennett, but is considering joining him.

the Vikings’ uniform office misspelled Griffen’s name on his jersey.

While it was a huge deal at the time for a player who had only played as a rotational player, it was worth the investment for the Vikings when Griffen developed into one of the best every-down defensive ends in the NFL.

In the last three seasons, Griffen has tallied 30.5 sacks. Only J.J. Watt, Von Miller, Ryan Kerrigan, and Justin Houston have had more over that span.

His numbers may be even more impressive considering he comes off the right side of the defensive line and has to face left tackles, who often the best offensive linemen on the opposing offense.

Last season, the Vikings’ uniform office misspelled Griffen’s name on his jersey. After back-to-back Pro Bowls and a giant contract extension, it might be time to remember the name and get it right.
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The Leftovers, in its beautifully off-kilter way, made Frasier the centerpiece of an episode in its third season. In a world where 2 percent of the population disappeared without explanation, people will do anything to feel — or perhaps not feel. For some in The Leftovers universe, that involved being in a sex cult that worshipped a lion (a lion that ended up eating God, but that’s neither here nor there).

Lenny Dykstra Elite Jersey The It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World episode was outrageous, harrowing, and tinged with unexpected humor. In short, it was the finest of what The Leftovers had to offer in its short life. It was about how we deal with loss, and how deeply confusing and emotional, yet also triumphant, that can be.

If that’s really where McAdoo found out about Frasier, then I applaud him, not just for his fine taste in TV, but for his willingness to challenge himself. The Leftovers wasn’t the easiest show to watch, but it was immensely rewarding. Despite what the Emmys say, it was also the best show of the year — and one of the best ever.

Kyrie Irving gets up shots after Cavs routed by Spurs

Kyrie Irving did some extra work Monday night after the Cavaliers were blown out by the Spurs in San Antonio.

Whether Irving was trying to correct a flaw in his jumper or just blowing off steam after a bad loss, we don’t yet know. But it’s difficult to ignore a star getting up shots right after a game.

Irving’s Cavs are feeling some angst as the NBA playoffs near. They fell out of the top spot in the Eastern Conference with their 103-74 loss Monday, and LeBron James left the game late in the third quarter after being elbowed in the neck by the Spurs’ David Lee.

I consult with NBA executives throughout the year on this in terms of where they have players, but the rankings here are largely my own and not an aggregated view of where the NBA sees these players.

The top 30 here have comments, followed by a listing of No. 31 through 50.

Fultz’s season may be over with Washington, but he is still the number one player on this board, along with most NBA teams executives’ boards. Fultz is a complete, elite offensive talent who is equally capable as a scorer or distributor. He has prototypical size for the lead guard position at 6-foot-4 with a 6-10 wingspan, is an elite athlete and plays with remarkable tempo for the position.

He’s not the surefire No. 1 pick when it comes down to it in June, but he tops the board at this stage.

You would think missing a free throw would be easy. Andre Drummond does it all the time. But Ginobili found the most insane way to make a free throw, and as you might have guessed, the Spurs ended up losing.

NBA playoff predictions: Picking winners in Eastern Conference first round

The 2016-17 NBA regular season ended Wednesday night and we have playoff predictions for each Eastern Conference series.

Parity is the name of the game in the East. LeBron James and the Cavaliers lost their No. 1 seed, but the defending champs are still considered favorites.

Let’s take a look at our predictions for each Eastern Conference first-round matchup in the NBA playoffs.

How can you not want to see where this goes, how it plays out, how the story ends? Maybe somewhere along the way we’ll find out why we all kept running to him, giving him attention, giving him a platform, while screaming, “Shut up and go away and stop making us watch and listen to you!”

It all might end up with his son, Lonzo, a talented, potential-laden NBA prospect, becoming both a star and a multi-millionaire, the center of a conglomerate of his own making, a brand beholden to no company and no other mogul, his own product instead of one handcuffed to Phil Knight or Kevin Plank and their brands.

Or … it might end up with Lonzo becoming the biggest star to never shine off the court, because his father bit off more than he could chew and flew too close to the sun. Who thought he was a Bigger Baller than he actually was, in the one area that actually counted — not sound bites, ratings points or online clicks, but in the actual bank.

It’s hard not to have an extreme opinion of LaVar or Lonzo or the two younger basketball-playing brothers coming along soon. But its easier than you think to look at what LaVar is trying to do — control something that has been reflexively handed over to companies like Nike and Under Armour for decades.

In the most blunt terms, to not auction off his son to the highest shoe-company bidder and have him make them richer.falcons_060

Yankees rookie Dustin Fowler suffers devastating knee injury in 1st inning of MLB debut

Yankees outfielder Dustin Fowler was carted off the field after colliding with the right field wall on Thursday night.

Fowler, playing in his first career major league game, couldn’t put any weight on his right leg after the collision.

The Yankees later said that Fowler suffered a ruptured patella tendon, and was sent off to surgery in Chicago.

Dustin Fowler has an open rupture of right patella tendon in right knee. Will have surgery tonight at Rush U Med Center in Chicago.

Fowler, 22, was hitting .293 with Yankees Triple A affiliate Scranton-Wilkes Barre, with 13 home runs. He got called up on Thursday and was less than six outs into his major league debut before the injury occurred.

The Clippers have been in contact with several teams, including the Suns, while exploring the market for center DeAndre Jordan, according to ESPN’s Chris Haynes.

Phoenix reportedly shot down discussions with LA regarding a potential trade of Tyson Chandler and the Suns’ No. 4 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft in exchange for Jordan.

The Hawks are sending Dwight Howard and the 31st pick in the 2017 NBA Draft to the Hornets, in exchange for Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli and the 41st pick in this year’s draft, according to The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Bulls All-Star forward Jimmy Butler reportedly told the Cavaliers he would rather stay in Chicago than be traded to Cleveland, according to TNT’s David Aldridge.

Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie: Marshawn Lynch ‘has more than enough left’

Despite sitting out last season, Marshawn Lynch is expected to pick his game up where he left it.

During a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie discussed the running back’s return and expressed his confidence in Lynch’s ability to put up big numbers after coming out of retirement.

The Ohio State cornerback was not arrested and has yet not been charged with a crime in the active police investigation. He passed a polygraph conducted by at least one anonymous NFL team, according to NFL Network. That team was not the Raiders, but clearly word got around Conley seems to be being honest about the incident.

He strongly denied any wrongdoing when the accusations became public earlier this week.

What the Raiders are getting in Conley on the field is a 6-foot, 195-pound cornerback with tremendous athleticism. Conley started every game for the Buckeyes over the last two seasons and was an all-Big Ten selection each year.

Conley’s strength is as a press corner with excellent speed and ball skills. Conley spoke with nearly every team since news of the rape allegation broke on Tuesday to clear his name.

Alabama players had a slow start in the first round coming off the board, but by the time Friday night ended, nine former Crimson Tide players had NFL homes. Funny enough, the Redskins and Ravens each reeled in two of the six total Tide defenders.

Just like Jonathan Allen was the perfect 3-4 end for Washington, so went Ryan Anderson at outside linebacker. Baltimore backed up its Marlon Humphrey pass coverage pick with Tim Williams for the pass rush. It pays to have a scheme that meshes well with Nick Saban’s factory.kings_1663774

That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.

Nurkic’s skill set, though, has shined through not only against the Thunder, but in his entire tenure with Portland as well. He’s averaging 16.5 points, nearly 10 rebounds, and five assists per game in the eight games since coming over from Denver.

“He gives us something we haven’t had for the last two years,” Lillard said of Nurkic on March 3, according to The Oregonian’s Sean Meagher.

It’s his play that has jolted an underperforming Portland team and has earned praise from Hall of Fame big man and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal.

“Nurkic, Chuck, I really like him in the post,” O’Neal said to Charles Barkley during a segment on Inside the NBA. “Great skill. I don’t know why Denver gave him up.”

That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.
The day after the Trail Blazers acquired Nurkic, head coach Terry Stotts broke down how he’d like to use his new center.

“Certainly we want to put him in opportunities, whether it’s on the post, or in pick-and-roll, in passing situations, and see what he’s comfortable with,” Stotts said, according to The Oregonian. “He’s a skilled player, and we’ll make the best use of that.”

The other pressing question, after ‘what will United do?’, is ‘what will it mean?’. Mourinho’s team sheets tend to be taken as more than just selections. As messages. This player is in favor, this other player is in disgrace. And so the temptation, particularly if Rashford or Martial are given something important to do in Ibrahimovic’s absence, will be to wonder if this amounts to some hint for the future.

After all, Ibrahimovic is already too old to be doing what he’s doing, and the rumor mill suggests that he may not take up the option of a second year at United. There is particular interest in seeing Rashford given center stage, given the buzz surrounding his emergence and the ongoing excitement over just how good he might turn out to be.11

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Trope alert! Eddie Lacy posts rehab footage in pool

The offseason pool party continues.

It’s a refreshing approach by the 49ers, but Kaepernick is widely expected, on March 2, to opt out of a contract set to pay him $16.9 million in salary and bonuses.

What unfolded between the team and passer behind closed doors on Wednesday could impact that decision. So could San Francisco’s pursuit of another starter — namely Washington’s Kirk Cousins or New England’s Jimmy Garoppolo. If Shanahan can wrestle away either in a trade — assuming the Redskins tag Cousins — then paying Kaepernick his hefty salary makes zero sense.

Speaking this week, Shanahan expressed no desire to panic under center, telling KNBR-AM: “You don’t want to gamble. You want to be aggressive in everything, but you got to do what’s right. You have to build your team the right way and that’s what I mean by being patient.”

Pretty words, but Shanahan is no newbie. He knows the honeymoon will end quickly in San Francisco if the team endures another season of horrid quarterback play.

No matter what anyone says, Kaepernick is hardly atop the coach’s wish list.

Vance Joseph, another apple off the Marvin Lewis tree, also has a very good setup and will be in need of veteran tackle help in Denver. It’s been difficult to see the slow trickle of talent leaving the Bengals over the years but encouraging that they wanted to hold onto the likes of A.J. Green and Gio Bernard.

“What is clear,” Rapoport added on NFL Total Access, “is that almost certainly Cutler’s time in Chicago is done.”

The surrealness of him playing badly in this game is doubled and emphasized by Barcelona being overran

They look like a team that was outscored, outshot, and plainly outplayed by a great and prepared PSG. It was a game where they lacked control, and coincidentally the best and usual architect for that role struggled.

The surrealness of him playing badly in this game is doubled and emphasized by Barcelona being overran. And it shows every time they lose by a large score. They have no idea how to deal with such a reality. A world in which the predator becomes the prey. They just look stupefied.

They continue doing what they’ve always known because it’s always worked, and the hope remains that it will again. They don’t know how else to be. Iniesta does it as well. He couldn’t do anything else but play as he’s always known. To desperately try to control the game, even as it ran by him. To try triangles when he was misplacing the pass. It’s always worked for him and his play is so innate that he should feel a defender 10 yards before they try to surprise him from behind. And when he doesn’t and the ball is taken, he looks just as astonished as his teammates did when PSG kept scoring and they couldn’t.

The week begins in a fairly casual manner, with a couple of days where the players don’t necessarily have to compete. Registration, interviews, medical exams, psychological testing, and physical measurements take up the bulk of the first few days, with the first on-field workouts starting on Friday, March 3. Special teamers, offensive linemen, and running backs will be the first to showcase their talents on the field.

One of the more interesting position groups to watch will be quarterback, where Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes are all looking to separate themselves from the other signal callers in this year’s draft class. Where Jared Goff and Carson Wentz seemed to be the consensus top two at this time last year, there’s still no shoo-in for the top passer, or even a guy who many consider to be a lock as a top-two QB.

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