Eli Manning returns to his interception ways, demonstrates elite ManningFace

There is nothing in sports quite as predictable as #ManningFace. It doesn’t matter which Manning it is: if they fail, they will make silly facial expressions.

This year, there has been quite a bit of it from Eli’s end, and throwing a pick-six against the Raiders led to an all-time example:

Manning’s stranglehold on the league lead in interceptions had grown a little bit tentative in recent weeks — he’d jumped out to a huge lead with 15 picks through his first six games, but players ahd started to catch up after two weeks without a Manning pick. Now he’s cementing his lead again, and all is right in the world.

Limited Mens Ronnie Lott Jersey Oakland now leads 17-14 at the half, thanks to the free seven.

The very first head coach to lose 14 games in a season also happens to hold the distinction of being the only coach ever to do it in a 14-game season. John McKay took over the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976, and they didn’t win their first game as a franchise until Week 13 … of 1977.

McKay went 7-35 over his first three seasons with Tampa but led them to the playoffs in 1979, losing 9-0 to the Los Angeles Rams in the Conference Championship game. He again led them to playoffs in in 1981 and 1982, but McKay also became one of the few coaches on this list to show up twice.

Tampa Bay went 2-14 in 1983, and he was a head coach for the final time in 1984.
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The Bucs expressed a strong commitment to McKay, and it nearly paid off once, but he would retire after the ’84 season and was replaced by Leeman Bennett in 1985. Oops.

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