Frozen out: Why no NHL players made the World Fame 100 list

For ESPN’s third annual World Fame 100 list, we calculated the most famous athletes in sports. For the second year in a row, no hockey players cracked the top 100.

From the first round all the way through the Stanley Cup Final, ESPN has you covered. Check out the full picture and coverage on each team.

The Washington Capitals winger is one of the main faces of the NHL. He commands $4.5 million in endorsement money, according to Forbes, and is one of the NHL’s most marketable players thanks to his international popularity in the United States, Canada and his native Russia.

His numbers indicate he is one of the best players in the league, let alone wide receivers, so when he saw how low he was ranked on the Top 100 list, he wasn’t thrilled.

“My goal is to eventually be No. 1,” Landry said. “Honestly, it’s an honor to be recognized among all of the top players in this league and to be recognized in the Top 100, but I think for any competitor … Well, I can’t speak for every competitor, but I know me — I want to be first.”

Only Julio Jones and Antonio Brown have caught more passes in the last four seasons than Landry. However, it’s more than catching passes which makes Landry a special receiver.

“If you turn on the film, I do everything — I block, I play inside, I play outside and I come out of the backfield,” Landry said. “My value is that much more to the team and to the offense. I consider myself the best receiver in the NFL.”cardinals_014

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