Royals to wear Yordano Ventura patch this season

I’m over it. I mean there was nothing malicious about that slide. He slid three inches past the bag, and we got a double play. But I’m over the rule.

The rule was meant for guys doing dirty slides, sliding late, taking guys out. There was nothing wrong with that slide, whatsoever. We got a double play for it, cost us a run. … I’m over it. This game was meant to be played a certain way. There’s nothing wrong with that slide that Happ did. I told him in the dugout, ‘Next time you do the exact same thing.’

That’s baseball, man. We’re out there playing with a bunch of pansies right now. I’m over this damn slide rule. We’re replaying if it was too far and all this other B.S. We’re all men out there. We’re grown men. These guys have turned double plays their whole lives. They know how to get — get the hell out of the way. There was nothing malicious about it, and we got two outs for some reason.
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When you’re sliding on dirt, and you have momentum, you just keep going. You keep going, Maddon said. The rule does not belong in the game. … I could not disagree more with the spirit of this rule. … They (the umpires) know that the game was not intended to be manipulated in a sense where you lose based on a fabrication.
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Yordano Ventura will be a constant presence with the Kansas City Royals.

The team announced it will wear an honorary patch for Ventura on their uniforms this season with the words ACE 30.

Ventura wasn’t wearing his seat belt and was driving through fog at the time of the crash.

A key starter on the pitching staff that led the Royals to the 2015 World Series championship, Ventura played all four of his MLB seasons with the Royals.

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