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On March 10th, the Patriots traded for Saints receiver Brandin Cooks.

The Josh McDaniels era is over for the Indianapolis Colts. His time there as head coach will be (possibly) remembered mostly by taking his tenure as the Patriots’ offensive coordinator and weaving that into some speculation about what he might have done with the Colts.

And what a magical few hours it was.

It’s reminiscent of what McDaniels’ current boss, the man he’ll probably take over for someday in New England, Bill Belichick did with the Jets in January 2000, when he was head coach just long enough to announce his resignation.

There are a bunch of carve-outs for injured players. For instance, if a rookie gets hurt during the regular season and misses the Super Bowl on injured reserve, he gets half his team’s standard share. If the same happens to a veteran with four years in the league, he still gets the full share. And there are some other, more minute exceptions.

All of these terms apply to both conference championship games and the Super Bowl. The same restrictions don’t apply in the Wild Card and Divisional rounds.

Get a No. 1 wide receiver. Get a guy who can make defenses back up and back off. And make sure he is more of a wide receiver dagger than diva.

On March 9th, the Eagles signed free agent Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery.

Jeffery and Cooks possess elite receiving gifts. Jeffery is bigger (6’3, 218 pounds). Cooks is faster (4.33 40-yard sprint). Jeffery is 27. Cooks is 24.

They draw double coverage. They free teammates to make plays. They help create running room for running backs by loosening defenses. They draw interference penalties. They produce big plays.