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This stupid NCAA rule is banning the Butler bulldog from March Madness

Butler plays Middle Tennessee State on Saturday night and one very important fan won¡¯t be there. The NCAA has banned Butler Blue III, better know as the Butler bulldog from watching the game.

Some ludicrous NCAA rule states that live mascots aren¡¯t permitted in the early rounds of NCAA competition, meaning the Butler bulldog won¡¯t be able to watch any of March Madness live until the Final Four (should Butler make it that far). In the pantheon of dumb NCAA bylaws this might be one of the dumbest

As far as I can tell ¡ª and I have spent literally minutes searching on the school website ¡ª Bowling Green State University does not offer much in the way of urban planning or renewal.

Authentic Womens Kelechi Osemele Jersey The school’s Architecture & Environmental Design major involves interesting courses, but there isn’t a ton on policy, planning, urban history, etc.

That’s okay, though. Whatever you need to know about renewal and renovation, you can learn from the Bowling Green football program.

This game took me about five hours to simulate from start to finish, because nearly all the plays were scores, changes of possession, or injury timeouts that stopped the clock. That’s an awfully long time to subject virtual mortals to such a nightmare. These Schiano Men eventually abandoned their Schiano ethics entirely: observe No. 26 (Greg Schiano) above as he goes after the ball carrier by a) turning the wrong way and b) flopping.
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I elected to run the ball most of the time, since Stewart and Cam Newton were more than capable of scoring with their feet on just about every play. But when I did throw with Cam, it was really something.