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Joe Mixon brings his troubled history and huge talent to Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals took a chance and selected Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon with the No. 48th selection in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and now the team will shoulder the scrutiny that comes with taking a player with Mixons history.

Zone coverage is a strength for McMillan, but his man coverage skills need some work. His change of direction isnt as quick or fluid as it could be, which puts him at a disadvantage against dynamic ball carriers.
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David Robertson Limited Jersey His size, coupled with his challenges to get off blocks, could be a drawback if hes playing middle linebacker at the next level. Some of his issues with disengaging are technique related, and they can be corrected with good coaching.

Yes, McMillan is named after a member of the legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan. And he does like Raekwons music.

Yeah, some of his old-school stuff is pretty cool, McMillan said, via Ari Wasserman of Cleveland.com. My mom liked the name, the Wu-Tang clan and all of that. She liked the rap name, not his real name, but his rap name. So thats what she named me.

Raekwon the rapper is also known professionally as The Chef, Shallah Raekwon, and/or Lex Diamond, but his given name is Corey Woods. Raekwon McMillan has a better ring to it than Corey McMillan.

If you always strive to finish, it will show up on Sundays.

Playing offensive line requires constant reps. Few of us are so naturally gifted that we dont need the practice. They need to be quality reps, too — reps that are close to game speed and in pads. We have to feel how to block someone, how to unload our hips, hands, and hat at the precise moment of contact, how to block this play vs. that defense, and so on.