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The NFL relaxed its in-game video and social media rules for individual teams on Friday

The NFL relaxed its in-game video and social media rules for individual teams on Friday, part of an ongoing evolution of a policy that has drawn protests from some quarters.

“I don’t think we’ve seen anyone who wants less football,” said Goodell, referencing the recent Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings game as the most watched Thursday Night Game ever.
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In fact, it’s the rise in the Thursday Night viewership that partially helped the league rebound. Those games from Weeks 10-14, which also included a highly anticipated Kansas City Chiefs-Oakland Raiders matchup, were up 35 percent compared to 2015.

The last time the Seahawks lost a home playoff game was Jan. 8, 2005, when Russell Wilson was 16 years old. The Seahawks have played 26 playoff games either home or away (excluding Super Bowls, which are at neutral sites). They are 11-2 at home, 3-10 on the road.

The Week 10 Sunday game on Fox featuring the Cowboys versus the Pittsburgh Steelers drew 28.9 million viewers. Two weeks later, the Cowboys versus the Washington Redskins pulled in 35.1 million viewers on Fox. And last week, the Cowboys’ game against the New York Giants on NBC’s Sunday Night Football was watched by 26.5 million people.

Wilson is 4-0 at home in the postseason, making him one of five quarterbacks since 2001 with at least two home wins without a loss. He’s also 38-5 at home, including the playoffs in his career, the best mark by any quarterback with at least 10 starts since his debut in 2012 (Tom Brady is next at 36-6).

James Laurinaitis Limited Jersey Three people shot barely qualifies as news in a city that is at once a great place to visit and live while also being a very easy place to die. People get shot in New Orleans all the time without anyone even really noticing, their occurrences three times the number of murders per capita as Chicago over the past five years. But on Sunday and Monday, the fame of Smith and McKnight made the city spend a troubling 24 hours confronted with its own rotting core.