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When he wants to to be Jones is damn near unblockable at times.

Keeping it a buck, though, his effort is still questionable at times. If he hauled ass every play he actually would be close to unblockable damn near every game.

But I digress.

Game Kids Troy Polamalu Jersey You see the numbers Jones put up and they were impressive as hell, but even more impressive is how a guy his size at 6’6 and over 300 pounds made them.

On the first of his three sacks, Jones was lined up as the right three-technique on the outside shoulder of Philly left guard Isaac Seumalo. The Eagles had a first-and-10 at the Chiefs 41-yard line. They pretty much tipped everyone off that it was going to be a pass by lining the quarterback up in shotgun empty.

At the snap of the football Jones got up field two steps then executed a jab ole as he stepped inside and beat Seumalo with a quick arm over.

As you view all these third-down passes, the Broncos staff deserves credit. They are scheming guys open. Very rarely is Siemian having to get to his third or fourth read and hitting a man in who’s covered closely.

I’d feel like I’d left y’all hanging if I don’t show one last clip. This isn’t a third down, but it’s a heck of a throw from Siemian. It’s his first-quarter touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders off a play-action fake.

The fake isn’t any good, which is even more impressive. The mesh isn’t timed up correctly, but that doesn’t matter. Look at the safeties and linebackers suck up and watch this beautiful ball placement by Siemian, over two guys and between the other high safety. No hesitation to throw the rock.

Ryan Kelly Jersey Is Siemian the next Manning? No. But the Broncos don’t need another Manning. They need this version of Siemian to go along with their excellent defense and emerging run game. When the AFC West is discussed, it’s been the Chiefs and Raiders. Now, it’s time to include the Broncos.