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Carl Lawson is a pass-rushing steal for the Bengals

Carl Lawson had an explosive 2016, racking up 14 tackles for loss in 12 games for Auburn and emerging as one of the SEC’s most explosive pass rushers. The concern the Cincinnati Bengals now have to face is finding a way to keep him healthy.

But Dupre is a deep threat, averaging 16.4 yards per reception over his collegiate career. He averaged 22.7 yards per reception in his freshman year at LSU, when he was voted to the SEC’s All-Freshman team.

Despite Dupre’s mediocre stats, he provides the one ability a lot of coaches want out of their receivers: big-play ability. The young receiver has been the victim of pedestrian quarterback play in Baton Rouge, the same issue that plagued Landry and Beckham.

Still, he made a lot of plays when the ball was thrown in his direction.
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For example, early in the second quarter of the Citrus Bowl, quarterback Danny Etling threw a bullet over the middle while standing in a clean pocket. Dupre channeled his inner Beckham and snagged a one-handed catch for a 29-yard gain.

It’s a great look for former Mizzou line coach Craig Kuligowski. He’s now with the Miami Hurricanes, and it stands to reason he had a lot to do with Harris getting here.

Johnny Unitas Mens Jersey Kuligowski spent 15 years as Missouri’s defensive line coach. He was the position coach for all of these players, plus a few notables before this current stretch of high picks.

So of course I was excited to check McKinley’s tape out. Hell, if he is going before Barnett, I figured he must be a beast outchea.

And then I got into his tape, and I was very, very … confused. Through four games, I saw a few flashes of first-round potential, but nothing all that special.