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the Vikings’ uniform office misspelled Griffen’s name on his jersey.

While it was a huge deal at the time for a player who had only played as a rotational player, it was worth the investment for the Vikings when Griffen developed into one of the best every-down defensive ends in the NFL.

In the last three seasons, Griffen has tallied 30.5 sacks. Only J.J. Watt, Von Miller, Ryan Kerrigan, and Justin Houston have had more over that span.

His numbers may be even more impressive considering he comes off the right side of the defensive line and has to face left tackles, who often the best offensive linemen on the opposing offense.

Last season, the Vikings’ uniform office misspelled Griffen’s name on his jersey. After back-to-back Pro Bowls and a giant contract extension, it might be time to remember the name and get it right.
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The Leftovers, in its beautifully off-kilter way, made Frasier the centerpiece of an episode in its third season. In a world where 2 percent of the population disappeared without explanation, people will do anything to feel — or perhaps not feel. For some in The Leftovers universe, that involved being in a sex cult that worshipped a lion (a lion that ended up eating God, but that’s neither here nor there).

Lenny Dykstra Elite Jersey The It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World episode was outrageous, harrowing, and tinged with unexpected humor. In short, it was the finest of what The Leftovers had to offer in its short life. It was about how we deal with loss, and how deeply confusing and emotional, yet also triumphant, that can be.

If that’s really where McAdoo found out about Frasier, then I applaud him, not just for his fine taste in TV, but for his willingness to challenge himself. The Leftovers wasn’t the easiest show to watch, but it was immensely rewarding. Despite what the Emmys say, it was also the best show of the year — and one of the best ever.