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To tell you the truth, it¡¯s one of the most gratifying things I¡¯ve done in sports.

In Kent, Michigan, they had such a cool parade. Every kid that was associated with the youth program, close to a thousand kids, were out there. It was really cute to see the kids on slopes, on fire trucks. It’s a celebration of the game, of the sport, and it’s a celebration of community outreach that all bands together.
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SBN: So this Hockeyville contest has gone on in Canada since 2006. The United States didn¡¯t get involved until two years ago. Did the immediate level of engagement from this country surprise you?

Conor Sheary Womens Jersey Roenick: Yeah. I think [the organizers¡¯] expectations early on were very small. They were hoping that they would get 10 percent of the country’s arenas to be involved.

They actually had 75 percent of the arenas get involved in this competition. It was the most gratifying, surprising and awesome turnout that they could possibly imagine.

SBN: United States teams in non-traditional markets are strong right now. You look at the Dallas Stars, the Florida Panthers, the Tampa Bay Lightning … all teams competing nearly every year. How important is local growth in those communities to keep the sport thriving there? You can plant the seed with a team but hockey has to grow around it, right?

Tuck slid inside as a defensive end/defensive tackle. It also allowed Oakland to keep another one of their free agent acquisitions, defensive tackle Antonio Smith, on the field at the same time with Tuck, Woodley and Mack. That was hard to do before when they were only using four defensive linemen and Tuck moved inside to defensive tackle.

Trope alert! Eddie Lacy posts rehab footage in pool

The offseason pool party continues.

It’s a refreshing approach by the 49ers, but Kaepernick is widely expected, on March 2, to opt out of a contract set to pay him $16.9 million in salary and bonuses.

What unfolded between the team and passer behind closed doors on Wednesday could impact that decision. So could San Francisco’s pursuit of another starter — namely Washington’s Kirk Cousins or New England’s Jimmy Garoppolo. If Shanahan can wrestle away either in a trade — assuming the Redskins tag Cousins — then paying Kaepernick his hefty salary makes zero sense.

Speaking this week, Shanahan expressed no desire to panic under center, telling KNBR-AM: “You don’t want to gamble. You want to be aggressive in everything, but you got to do what’s right. You have to build your team the right way and that’s what I mean by being patient.”

Pretty words, but Shanahan is no newbie. He knows the honeymoon will end quickly in San Francisco if the team endures another season of horrid quarterback play.

No matter what anyone says, Kaepernick is hardly atop the coach’s wish list.

Vance Joseph, another apple off the Marvin Lewis tree, also has a very good setup and will be in need of veteran tackle help in Denver. It’s been difficult to see the slow trickle of talent leaving the Bengals over the years but encouraging that they wanted to hold onto the likes of A.J. Green and Gio Bernard.

“What is clear,” Rapoport added on NFL Total Access, “is that almost certainly Cutler’s time in Chicago is done.”

Mozeliak and the Cardinals have their own recent experience to reflect on.

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Authentic Arthur Jones Jersey The Kansas City Royals wore black patches with the inscription “Ace 30” in white lettering in honor of 25-year-old pitcher Yordano Ventura, who died in a car crash.
“The message would be: You can’t make mistakes,” St. Louis Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak said. “When you do, it could have life-or-death consequences. The organization talks about drunk driving and drug use all the time, and we have had people come in and talk about it. It’s probably just a lot of noise [to some], but there’s more to this noise than just noise. There’s a message. You always hope that, even if just one person hears it, it’s a positive.”

Mozeliak and the Cardinals have their own recent experience to reflect on. Outfielder Oscar Taveras died along with his teenage girlfriend in a car crash in October of 2014 in his native Dominican Republic. Taveras was driving with a blood-alcohol content nearly five times the Dominican legal limit. Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in the same country last month in a car crash in the wee hours of the morning; his posthumous toxicology report is still pending.

Because the Marlins last came together, details of Fernandez’s final hours have come to light. A toxicology report showed that Fernandez had cocaine and other substances in his body and a blood-alcohol content of nearly twice the legal limit when his boat smashed into a stone jetty. Authorities did not determine who was driving the boat.

Even as Mattingly spoke about his plans to warn his team about the hazards of drinking and operating heavy machinery, alcoholic drinks were being served behind him at the Marlins’ charity golf tournament Monday in Key Biscayne, just across the Rickenbacker Causeway from downtown Miami. The parking lot was so jammed with cars, some people parked in the rough lining the fairways.

Montero has slowly seen his career transition from being a starting catcher to a backup

It was baseball¡¯s version of a peace summit. Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon and catcher Miguel Montero finally cleared the air, months after Montero was critical of his skipper in an ESPN Radio interview the day the Cubs celebrated their World Series victory.

On Monday night, they got away from the clubhouse to clear the air over an Italian dinner in north Scottsdale, Arizona.
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¡°We both wanted to talk to each other,¡± Montero said Tuesday. ¡°This is 2017. We turn the page. We both agreed on that. All I said was, ¡®Let me in. I want to be part of it. You can trust me.¡¯¡±

Montero has slowly seen his career transition from being a starting catcher to a backup — eventually becoming pitcher Jake Arrieta¡¯s primary receiver last season. But when Maddon turned to rookie Willson Contreras to catch Arrieta in the playoffs, Montero bristled at the lack of communication.

Both parties say that¡¯s now in the past, and they got together to do more than just hash it out and break bread.

Kids Donte Moncrief Jersey ¡°It was about [the] present and the future,¡± Maddon said.

Montero, 33, is accepting his role as Contreras¡¯ backup this year, probably his last as a Cub. While Montero’s contract will bring him $14 million in 2017, he wants to continue playing baseball beyond this season. He also doesn¡¯t want to be known as a clubhouse cancer. He told Maddon he¡¯s willing to do whatever the manager asks.

Things don¡¯t look so rosy for Wake Forest, a loser at Littlejohn Coliseum one week ago, after the Demon Deacons dropped a five-point decision at Duke on Saturday. Those two defeats pushed the Deacs down the pecking order, while Pitt jumps back into the picture after its Saturday win over FSU. If a 14-12 Clemson team is under consideration, a Panther team with one more win must be as well.

2016 NFL Combine: Running backs bench press results

The top running back prospects around the nation arrived in Indianapolis with the wide receivers and quarterbacks Wednesday, and hit the weight room for the bench press Friday. They’ll find their way onto the field for drills and workouts on Saturday, but first we’ve got bench press results.

Yeah, some of y’all have convinced yourselves that the 40 doesn’t matter at all, but that’s a damn lie.

It is true that it doesn’t matter as much for some positions as others. I don’t give a damn what your film looks like. A guy like that will end up taking back all that shit they bought with the money their agent advanced them with the expectation of being a high first-round pick as soon as the usher takes their ass from the green room at the draft and escort them out the damn door when the first round ends — and the only people who called them is their family asking what the fuck just happened.

I’m so serious.
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Elite Youth Louis Murphy Jersey If you thought Vince Young could rack up bills at the Cheesecake Factory just wait til you see what Winstons capable of. Say what you want about Teddy Bridgewater but Id rather have a guy with skinny knees then permanent cankles. Plus the Bucs are going to take Winston number one anyways just to sell more tickets since Tampa is a short 4 hour stolen-moped ride from Tallahassee. Its a real shame too because a guy whose never ever beaten Alabama would fit in pretty well in Tennessee and if your going to tell me that this guy wouldnt take to Nashville like a duck in water then youre just a idiot:

They say that Indy is the city where dreams are made, and thats particularly true if you fantasize about being able to buy shake ‘n’bake meth at a gas station with about 3 inches of grey snow in the parking lot. But anything can happen at the combine and I expect the Titans to make some serious moves.

The surrealness of him playing badly in this game is doubled and emphasized by Barcelona being overran

They look like a team that was outscored, outshot, and plainly outplayed by a great and prepared PSG. It was a game where they lacked control, and coincidentally the best and usual architect for that role struggled.

The surrealness of him playing badly in this game is doubled and emphasized by Barcelona being overran. And it shows every time they lose by a large score. They have no idea how to deal with such a reality. A world in which the predator becomes the prey. They just look stupefied.

They continue doing what they’ve always known because it’s always worked, and the hope remains that it will again. They don’t know how else to be. Iniesta does it as well. He couldn’t do anything else but play as he’s always known. To desperately try to control the game, even as it ran by him. To try triangles when he was misplacing the pass. It’s always worked for him and his play is so innate that he should feel a defender 10 yards before they try to surprise him from behind. And when he doesn’t and the ball is taken, he looks just as astonished as his teammates did when PSG kept scoring and they couldn’t.

The week begins in a fairly casual manner, with a couple of days where the players don’t necessarily have to compete. Registration, interviews, medical exams, psychological testing, and physical measurements take up the bulk of the first few days, with the first on-field workouts starting on Friday, March 3. Special teamers, offensive linemen, and running backs will be the first to showcase their talents on the field.

One of the more interesting position groups to watch will be quarterback, where Mitch Trubisky, DeShone Kizer, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes are all looking to separate themselves from the other signal callers in this year’s draft class. Where Jared Goff and Carson Wentz seemed to be the consensus top two at this time last year, there’s still no shoo-in for the top passer, or even a guy who many consider to be a lock as a top-two QB.

Johnathan Hankins (95) has upside as an interior pass-rusher

Cut or trade Connor Barwin, Mychal Kendricks and Ryan Mathews. Barwin is still a useful player, but he’s miscast as a wide-nine pass-rusher in Jim Schwartz’s scheme. The Eagles’ sack rate with Barwin on the field in 2015 was 5.7 percent, more than double the rate they produced with him off the field (2.6 percent). In 2016, though, the Eagles posted a much better sack rate with Barwin on the bench (7.3 percent) as opposed to him on the field (4.9 percent). His versatility and the need for edge defenders in New England make him a potential candidate for the Patriots.

Pittsburgh Steelers Womens Jersey Pass protection was obviously an issue. In 2016, Wilson was pressured on 41.5 percent of his dropbacks (second-most). In 2015, it was 33.5 percent (17th). Wilson’s limited mobility, combined with bad offensive line play, produced poor results on third-and-long, specifically.

In 2015, the Seahawks ranked first in DVOA on third-and-long (7 yards or more). Last season, they dropped down to 18th.
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Of course, short yardage was actually worse. The Seahawks ranked 25th in DVOA on third-and-short (3 yards or fewer), reflecting in part their inability to run the ball effectively.

One thing is clear as Carolina Panthers left tackle Michael Oher continues to progress through the concussion protocol.

He hasn’t given up on playing in 2017. He broke out in his second season, racking up 82 catches for 1,536 yards and nine touchdowns. In 2012, Cruz had another huge year and established himself as one of the game’s premier slot receivers. His salsa touchdown dance quickly became iconic, and Cruz was one of the biggest stars in all of New York sports.

Oher, whose rise from homeless to the NFL was documented in the 2009 Hollywood movie “The Blind Side,” tweeted a reminder over the weekend that he’s beaten the odds before.

Martin Jones stacks the pads in overtime on highlight reel glove grab

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On a day of hockey where we already saw a pretty stretch save in Philadelphia, Martin Jones upped the bar in overtime.

With the Sharks and Coyotes tied 2-2 in overtime, Arizona got a 2-on-1 break down the ice with just seconds remaining in the frame. Shane Doan and Tobias Rieder looked to end it for the Coyotes, but Jones said no with a save for the ages.

Andrew Gachkar Jersey It was only the second time in NBA history that a player has posted at least 10 rebounds, assists, and steals, dating back to Alvin Robertson’s quadruple-double in 1986, according to Basketball-Reference.

It happened. It’s over. Now we see what becomes of it.

Pro athletes are forced to be mercenaries by a system that makes them into assets. If you don’t watch out for yourself, then no one is watching out for you. Careers are short, life is chaos, and players should have the freedom to use their freedom however they see fit.

Oscar Robertson didn’t take the NBA to court so that players could appease fans by staying in the city that drafted him through the luck of the lottery. Free agency is just that: freedom to have the agency to play where you want. Durant embraced the opportunity.

And lest Oklahomans get too enamored of Westbrook, he might embrace freedom in another 18 months. His decision to extend his contract with the Thunder in the wake of Durant’s departure was read as a renewal of vows with Oklahoma City. But it was in actuality a financial windfall for Westbrook that happened to keep him in town one additional year.

Are the Las Vegas Raiders sinking to the bottom of Lake Mead wearing cement shoes?

It should be noted, though, that the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which is owned by Adelson, reported Tuesday night that Adelson “did not speak with anyone from Goldman Sachs about pulling support, nor did he urge the firm to back out of the deal.”
Are the Las Vegas Raiders sinking to the bottom of Lake Mead wearing cement shoes?
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For all intents and purposes, yes — unless someone else steps up with that $650 million. Keep in mind, $750 million in the form of a hotel tax Adelson helped shepherd through in October is still on the table, which has to keep the NFL interested.

The Raiders maintain they still plan to move to Las Vegas — they already filed for relocation — but there would be no need to ask for a vote at the NFL owners meetings March 26-29 in Phoenix that would surely go against them as it stands now.

So who might step up with Adelson and Goldman Sachs out?
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Another frequent halftime act in those days was called Up With People. If you’re not familiar with Up With People, it is an admirable and uplifting global education and music organization that has had more than 20,000 members and performed at the 1972 Munch Olympics as well as four Super Bowls (X, XIV, XVI and XX). Given how few people know about Up With People today, the group’s lasting Super Bowl mark is similar to the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings, who also played at four Super Bowls — but never won.