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Hornets mascot wants to help kid who couldn’t go to a Cavs game because of his grades

On Friday night, a dad wanted to send a message to his son at the Cavs vs. Hornets game.

Hugo wore a similar red shirt as Thomas’ dad and stood in the crowd on Tuesday night trying to woo Thomas to become a Hornets fan with promises of assistance. How would Hugo help the boy achieve better grades?
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With their backs to the wall, the Bears outlasted a two-hour deluge and then out-fought the Ravens to claim a vital home victory. Josh McCown made just enough hay with Alshon Jeffery while a struggling defense turned back the clock with a pick-six among two interceptions of Trent Dilfer Joe Flacco. Jay Cutler’s return will be welcomed, but he might not represent a huge upgrade over Josh McCown’s strong play. If whoever is under center can keep Jeffery and Brandon Marshall fed, they might pull out enough shootouts down the stretch to nab a very winnable NFC North.

It’s not hard to see why. Though Toledo ranked 21st in rushing success rate, the Rockets’ breakdowns were immense. They allowed 89 rushes of 10-plus yards (114th in FBS) and 30 of 20-plus (116th). A solid set of safeties prevented these rushes from going 30 or 40 yards, but the top two safeties are gone. The glitches near the line must stop.

Earl Watford Game Jersey Safety could be a concern, but the rotation was a little larger in the back, and nickel backs Josh Teachey and DeDarallo Blue could be ready for big roles. And the Rockets are loaded at cornerback — not only do starters Trevon Mathis and Ka’dar Hollman return, backups (and former star recruits) Aaron Covington and Marcus Whitfield do, too.

Pass defense should again be solid, but Toledo’s fate in specific games could depend on how many glitches the Rockets are dealing with in the ground game.

Ryan and his Jets were the most impressive on the week

I watch Monday Night Football on mute. It’s not a rejection of the MNF crew: I think Mike Tirico is one of the NFL’s best play-by-play men, and Jon Gruden’s enthusiasm has at least had room to blossom since Ron Jaworski left the booth. I don’t reject Tirico/Gruder, per se; I just prefer silence while I collate the Internet ephemera that becomes this column.

But a lull in productivity led to me clicking “unmute” in the first half of Dolphins-Bucs, and this is what I got for it:

Frazer and the Vikings were on Thursday Night Football this week, so we need to briefly touch on that. Minnesota got a pair of touchdowns out of Adrian Peterson, and managed to stop Washington at the 4-yard line with just seconds remaining to hold on for a 34-27 victory. It’s the second of Minnesota’s season, so that win will be reflected in the status below.

We’ve already talked about Garrett’s Cowboys besting the Vikings. The Titans were able to get back to .500 on the season with a 28-21 victory over the St. Louis Rams, who are now 3-6 on the season. The Panthers were able to take advantage of the struggling Atlanta Falcons, and are now 5-3 on the season.

Ryan and his Jets were the most impressive on the week. They managed to down the New Orleans Saints, 26-20. The Saints were 6-1 coming into the matchup, but it seems that Rex may know his brother Rob well enough to take advantage of his defensive schemes. It was a big win, and it put the Jets up to 5-4.

We’re asked to ignore all this, to consent to see the story as the arresting officer and the Kansas City media wish to show it to us — a young man, high on marijuana, driving carelessly late at night, driven by sudden hunger and diminished impulse control to pursue greasy garbage food that he almost certainly knew to be greasy garbage food. No word on why a stoned man would make a terrible decision like this. 11

Eli Manning returns to his interception ways, demonstrates elite ManningFace

There is nothing in sports quite as predictable as #ManningFace. It doesn’t matter which Manning it is: if they fail, they will make silly facial expressions.

This year, there has been quite a bit of it from Eli’s end, and throwing a pick-six against the Raiders led to an all-time example:

Manning’s stranglehold on the league lead in interceptions had grown a little bit tentative in recent weeks — he’d jumped out to a huge lead with 15 picks through his first six games, but players ahd started to catch up after two weeks without a Manning pick. Now he’s cementing his lead again, and all is right in the world.

Limited Mens Ronnie Lott Jersey Oakland now leads 17-14 at the half, thanks to the free seven.

The very first head coach to lose 14 games in a season also happens to hold the distinction of being the only coach ever to do it in a 14-game season. John McKay took over the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976, and they didn’t win their first game as a franchise until Week 13 … of 1977.

McKay went 7-35 over his first three seasons with Tampa but led them to the playoffs in 1979, losing 9-0 to the Los Angeles Rams in the Conference Championship game. He again led them to playoffs in in 1981 and 1982, but McKay also became one of the few coaches on this list to show up twice.

Tampa Bay went 2-14 in 1983, and he was a head coach for the final time in 1984.
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The Bucs expressed a strong commitment to McKay, and it nearly paid off once, but he would retire after the ’84 season and was replaced by Leeman Bennett in 1985. Oops.

NFL teams may soon be allowed to opt out of Color Rush uniforms

Game Womens Tre Mason Jersey All 32 teams had Color Rush uniforms designed by Nike last year, but at least one team would prefer to be left out. Washington has proposed a bylaw that would permit clubs to opt out of wearing the Color Rush uniforms on Thursday Night Football.

Their reasoning for the proposition? Garish uniforms.

Many fans would agree. The Color Rush uniforms are — well — mostly awful. The Jacksonville Jaguars had to wear mustardy, urine-colored jerseys that even quarterback Blake Bortles called awful and the Miami Dolphins looked like walking Creamsicles.

Shortly after the report emerged, Mayock issued a statement via NFL Network that said he has not had official contact with the Redskins, nor any interviews for the job. Mayock continued that he is squarely focused on the upcoming NFL Draft, but ESPN’s report said the Redskins aren’t expected to name a new GM until after the draft.

Mayock, 58, would be an unconventional choice given his resume, though the former New York Giants safety certainly has spent plenty of time around the league since joining NFL Network in 2005. And hiring a GM straight from television has already been done this offseason, with the 49ers plucking John Lynch from Fox Sports to lead their football operations.
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Whether the Redskins go for Mayock or a more traditional candidate, the incoming GM will have to contend with a franchise that has seen more than its share of dysfunction in recent years and a front office that has plenty of powerful voices vying to be heard.

Patriots acquire DE Kony Ealy and a third-round pick from the Panthers in a trade for a second-round pick

It’s a little surprising that Pryor has to settled for a one-year, $6 million deal to prove himself. He did manage to top 1,000 yards with the Browns last year, despite a rotation of bad quarterbacks. It could be a steal for Washington, looking to fill the void left by DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon’s departure … assuming the organizational dysfunction doesn’t spill over to the field.

Patterson wants a role in the offense, and he’ll get it as a third or fourth receiver in a productive offense. Also, think about those trick plays the Raiders can run with him. More importantly, Oakland gets one of the best return men in the NFL.

There just wasn’t any room on the depth chart in Denver for Webster to get his snaps. He’ll get plenty of them with the Rams who are desperate for cornerback help. At two years, $8 million, it’s the kind of low key signing that can turn out to be the best kind in free agency.

If you don’t know yet, the biggest reason for that is the play of N’Golo Kante. He didn’t win either of the major Premier League player of the year awards last season, and it’ll be a crime if he’s shut out again this time around. He finished this game with 89 percent passing and 63 completed passes, 16 more than next-best Chelsea midfielder or attacker. His seven tackles were three more than the next best player, and he had three interceptions to boot.

With Kante in midfield, Chelsea is not going to slip up enough times for Spurs or City to catch them. He’s too dominant and too consistent. If you want excitement, you’ll have to focus on the top-four race. The title race is over.

This stupid NCAA rule is banning the Butler bulldog from March Madness

Butler plays Middle Tennessee State on Saturday night and one very important fan won¡¯t be there. The NCAA has banned Butler Blue III, better know as the Butler bulldog from watching the game.

Some ludicrous NCAA rule states that live mascots aren¡¯t permitted in the early rounds of NCAA competition, meaning the Butler bulldog won¡¯t be able to watch any of March Madness live until the Final Four (should Butler make it that far). In the pantheon of dumb NCAA bylaws this might be one of the dumbest

As far as I can tell ¡ª and I have spent literally minutes searching on the school website ¡ª Bowling Green State University does not offer much in the way of urban planning or renewal.

Authentic Womens Kelechi Osemele Jersey The school’s Architecture & Environmental Design major involves interesting courses, but there isn’t a ton on policy, planning, urban history, etc.

That’s okay, though. Whatever you need to know about renewal and renovation, you can learn from the Bowling Green football program.

This game took me about five hours to simulate from start to finish, because nearly all the plays were scores, changes of possession, or injury timeouts that stopped the clock. That’s an awfully long time to subject virtual mortals to such a nightmare. These Schiano Men eventually abandoned their Schiano ethics entirely: observe No. 26 (Greg Schiano) above as he goes after the ball carrier by a) turning the wrong way and b) flopping.
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I elected to run the ball most of the time, since Stewart and Cam Newton were more than capable of scoring with their feet on just about every play. But when I did throw with Cam, it was really something.

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That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.

Nurkic’s skill set, though, has shined through not only against the Thunder, but in his entire tenure with Portland as well. He’s averaging 16.5 points, nearly 10 rebounds, and five assists per game in the eight games since coming over from Denver.

“He gives us something we haven’t had for the last two years,” Lillard said of Nurkic on March 3, according to The Oregonian’s Sean Meagher.

It’s his play that has jolted an underperforming Portland team and has earned praise from Hall of Fame big man and TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal.

“Nurkic, Chuck, I really like him in the post,” O’Neal said to Charles Barkley during a segment on Inside the NBA. “Great skill. I don’t know why Denver gave him up.”

That’s because Jusuf Nurkic is using his versatility as Portland’s Bosnian Army Knife.
The day after the Trail Blazers acquired Nurkic, head coach Terry Stotts broke down how he’d like to use his new center.

“Certainly we want to put him in opportunities, whether it’s on the post, or in pick-and-roll, in passing situations, and see what he’s comfortable with,” Stotts said, according to The Oregonian. “He’s a skilled player, and we’ll make the best use of that.”

The other pressing question, after ‘what will United do?’, is ‘what will it mean?’. Mourinho’s team sheets tend to be taken as more than just selections. As messages. This player is in favor, this other player is in disgrace. And so the temptation, particularly if Rashford or Martial are given something important to do in Ibrahimovic’s absence, will be to wonder if this amounts to some hint for the future.

After all, Ibrahimovic is already too old to be doing what he’s doing, and the rumor mill suggests that he may not take up the option of a second year at United. There is particular interest in seeing Rashford given center stage, given the buzz surrounding his emergence and the ongoing excitement over just how good he might turn out to be.11

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