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Joe Mixon brings his troubled history and huge talent to Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals took a chance and selected Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon with the No. 48th selection in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft, and now the team will shoulder the scrutiny that comes with taking a player with Mixons history.

Zone coverage is a strength for McMillan, but his man coverage skills need some work. His change of direction isnt as quick or fluid as it could be, which puts him at a disadvantage against dynamic ball carriers.
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David Robertson Limited Jersey His size, coupled with his challenges to get off blocks, could be a drawback if hes playing middle linebacker at the next level. Some of his issues with disengaging are technique related, and they can be corrected with good coaching.

Yes, McMillan is named after a member of the legendary rap group Wu-Tang Clan. And he does like Raekwons music.

Yeah, some of his old-school stuff is pretty cool, McMillan said, via Ari Wasserman of My mom liked the name, the Wu-Tang clan and all of that. She liked the rap name, not his real name, but his rap name. So thats what she named me.

Raekwon the rapper is also known professionally as The Chef, Shallah Raekwon, and/or Lex Diamond, but his given name is Corey Woods. Raekwon McMillan has a better ring to it than Corey McMillan.

If you always strive to finish, it will show up on Sundays.

Playing offensive line requires constant reps. Few of us are so naturally gifted that we dont need the practice. They need to be quality reps, too — reps that are close to game speed and in pads. We have to feel how to block someone, how to unload our hips, hands, and hat at the precise moment of contact, how to block this play vs. that defense, and so on.

9 cant-miss sports events this weekend

Hey there, sports fans. Welcome to the weekend! Because we care about your sporty well-being above all else here at SB Nation, weve put together a list of cant-miss games to watch and links to read.

The Knicks waived Jennings midseason so that he could sign with the Washington Wizards. He gave Noah one of the worst contracts imaginable: four years and $72 million for a 32-year-old center who played 29 games last season with the Bulls. Rose becomes a free agent this summer and was relatively healthy until a torn meniscus in mid-March ended his season prematurely.
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Jalen Ramsey Youth Jersey Jackson has also seen three head coaches. He hired, then fired Derek Fisher, then replaced him with interim coach Kurt Rambis before signing Jeff Hornacek to a three-year deal last summer. Jackson has insisted on running the Triangle Offense, even though several players, including Rose, struggled to grasp the concepts.

This season, Jackson strained his relationship with his star forward. He used social media to co-sign multiple stories that bashed Anthonys tendency to hold onto the ball. His close friend and former assistant coach, Charley Rosen, also wrote multiple scathing columns critical of Anthonys effort on the defensive end.

Of all the teams in the draft who need a miracle in this years draft, its the Atlanta Dream. The announcement earlier this year that All-Star forward Angel McCoughtry sent shockwaves not just throughout the city, but the league as a whole.

Flames vs. Ducks: Regular season bad blood likely to spill into Game 1

We only have to look back at the last meeting between the Flames and Ducks to see the potential for bad blood.

It’s no surprise Matthew Tkachuk was in the middle of it all, as the rookie has made a name for himself this year as the Flames’ resident pest. Yet, Calgary is still extremely talented with Johnny Gaudreau at the helm of a young core.

The Ducks are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Experienced, grizzled veterans with a different head coach at the top to hopefully get them over the hump.

The Jazz fought and battled with the Clippers all game long and led by four points heading in the fourth quarter. They then went up went up 79-72 with 9:56 left in the 4th quarter causing the Clippers to call a timeout as the Jazz looked like they were about to pull away. Chris Paul went on a scoring fury, scoring 10 straight points for the Clippers but the Jazz held off every single the Clippers tried to make.

It was just that kind of night for the Jazz. George Hill hit this three-pointer with 0.5 seconds left in the shot clock late in the fourth because, why not?

Joe Johnson was spectacular for the Jazz all night, giving the Jazz 21 points off the bench including the buzzer-beater to finish off the Clippers.

Without Rudy Gobert, the Jazz came together for a team win in the truest sense. Johnson led the way with 21 points, Gordon Hayward finished with 19, George Hill with 16, and Derrick Favors with 15. While the Jazz wait for word on Gobert, they have plenty to be excited about after that huge win.

Outside of one scoring anomaly in December, the Ducks owned the Flames this season. Calgary was able to put up an eight-spot on the Ducks, but they were held to one goal in three of the five contests thanks to the combined efforts of John Gibson and Jonathan Bernier.

LeBron James quickly turned playoff mode on in opening half vs. Pacers

LeBron James is on fire in the first half of the Cavaliers first-round playoff game against the Indiana Pacers. In the opening 24 minutes, he posted 14 points on 5-of-6 shooting to go along with eight assists and four rebounds.
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Nothing shows where his confidence level is at better than this insane reverse dunk of an alley-oop.

Yeah, 31-year-olds en route to a potential seventh straight Finals shouldnt be doing this.

But aside from the buckets, his vision has been vintage LeBron James. His role as a distributor has often been an underappreciated aspect of his near-perfect game. After this half it shouldnt be.

Hes been incredible drawing defenders and kicking out.

His drop-off passes have been perfectly placed. Bobo came to town to prove himself. The Georgia grad spent nearly 15 years as a UGA assistant and spent the last few of those years serving as maybe the most underrated coordinator in the country. In terms of Off. S&P+, his Dawgs ranked 16th and 15th his first two years in the OC chair. And after a brief funk in which UGA was only a top-40 offense, they surged to sixth, eighth, and sixth from 2012-14.

Limited Christian Ehrhoff Jersey Im not even sure how to describe this one-handed quarterback throw to Channing Frye.

Its incredible that anyone is still doubting James in the playoffs. He is just too good.

Kathrine Switzer was told that running a marathon was impossible.

USA Today collected data on every publicly available assistant coach in FBS. Of the nearly 1,200 nationwide, 963 salaries were public.

Jason Garrison Game Jersey Per the database, 81 percent of those assistants made six figures or more, and 41 percent made over $250,000 in base pay. In 2016, every full-time Power 5 assistant at a public school made six figures.
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Kathrine Switzer was told that running a marathon was impossible. She was mocked, derided, and even her own coach didn’t initially believe it was possible for a woman to run a 26-mile course. She refused to share his contempt, and 50 years ago became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon. Now, at the age of 70, she’s completed the race again in honor of her groundbreaking run.

“I’m so excited about Monday. It’s going to be great,” Switzer told NESN in an interview ahead of the 2017 Boston Marathon. She explained that over 58 percent of runners in the United States are women, a staunch contrast from her beginnings in the sport when nobody believed women could run distances, and officials tried to use violence to stop her from completing the 1967 Boston Marathon.

There were also teams that didn’t make the postseason, but only because they didn’t have the safety net of the wild card. The 1947 Cardinals fought their way to second place in the National League, and the 1982 Orioles ended up second in the AL East with a 94-68 record. Both of those teams would have made the postseason under the current format, which is what the 2017 Blue Jays should be concerned with.

The Cavaliers finished as the second seed in the East that year

He rattled off more points than any other player (27.9 PPG) for the next three weeks, leading Cleveland to a 12-game winning streak that set the tone for the rest of the season.

Kids C.J. Fiedorowicz Jersey The Cavaliers never lost more than two straight games for the rest of the regular season, and James single-handedly dragged a depleted Cleveland roster through six games in a finals loss to the Warriors.

The Cavaliers finished as the second seed in the East that year, as well.

Expectations were sky high when James first arrived in Miami. But in his first month alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the Heat went just 9-8.
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Miami went on to finish 58-24, marking its first of four straight finals appearances. Even though they lost that championship run to the Mavericks, the Heat had to prove they could jell together as a unit. They finished with the East’s No. 2 seed that season. The process just took time.

Fast forward to LeBron’s first year in Cleveland, and there was more adversity to overcome. The Cavaliers had lost nine of 10 games and found themselves 19-20 midway through January.

The San Diego Chargers might only be 4-5 in 2017, but Philip Rivers is enjoying life with head coach Mike McCoy. Initially it appeared that Rivers would have a bad season, especially following the loss of top receiver Malcom Floyd. This was a team struggling to find weapons for its quarterback after Vincent Jackson left in free agency, but San Diego struck it big with the selection of Keenan Allen in April’s draft.

Packers vs. Giants 2017 game preview: New York goes for 4 straight

The Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants are on opposite ends of the momentum spectrum. The Packers were riding high into Week 9 at 5-2 overall with sole possession of first place atop the NFC North standings, but Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone during the first series of the game against the Chicago Bears, and the Packers proceeded to lose two straight. The Giants, meanwhile, began the season 0-6, but are currently riding a three-game winning streak and have looked better each subsequent game.

Sunday’s game is pivotal for both teams. The Packers need a win to stay in the NFC Wild Card picture and keep the Detroit Lions from pulling away in the division. The Giants can enter the playoff conversation in earnest with a win, and could pull within one game of the NFC East lead if they can get help elsewhere.

Compared to Flynn, Pryor was given an extraordinary amount of time to succeed. Then again, what’s going to happen if McGloin has a single bad game? How thin is the line for the Raiders in terms of being a “franchise QB” and being put back on the waiver wire?

It’s going to have to be something that Dennis Allen figures out soon if he wants to become the first guy since Jon Gruden to make it to his third full season as the head coach in Oakland.

An offense that had consistently relied on Schaub’s arm to create vertical opportunities found itself bereft, and the Texans’ run game faced more determined opposition from opponents who didn’t fear getting punished over the top. Case Keenum has been a breath of fresh air for the Texans’ offense — and for Andre Johnson’s Fantasy owners — for his willingness to simply fire the ball downfield and allow one of the league’s elite receivers to make plays for him.

Tony Romo was a fun player to watch and way better than he ever got credit for

The Broncos still have Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch on the roster. Although both young passers struggled last season, general manager John Elway has shown faith in his duo of quarterbacks and denied the Broncos were interested in Romo. Still, Denver was always seen as one of the prime landing spots for the four-time Pro Bowler.

Limited Womens Ryan Kesler Jersey One interesting prospect is Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who has been popular pick for the Texans in mock drafts. Mahomes has arm talent and the strength to succeed, but he is a raw talent that may take a few years to find his footing in the NFL. He also played in the often-maligned air raid system in college, famous for producing NFL busts, notably Geno Smith, Brandon Weeden, and Johnny Manziel.

For the Broncos, a first-round quarterback is out of the question. They drafted Lynch late in the first round last season and will not spend yet another early pick on the same position. The already-slim options at quarterback get even slimmer in the later rounds, and they may miss out on any potential starting quarterbacks in the draft entirely.

Limited Womens Mo Alexander Jersey Tony Romo was a fun player to watch and way better than he ever got credit for, but let鈥檚 make one thing clear 鈥?the greater good here is deposing Phil Simms, not giving the Texans and Broncos one narrow shot at a Super Bowl.

Of course, we still don鈥檛 know where Romo will be taking his broadcasting talents. And given the way the Romo news has lurched forward before falling back to the status quo, it鈥檚 worth taking this with a dose of skepticism until he signs a contract with a network.

Quinn said that Kerr reached out to him to let him know he understood what Quinn was experiencing.

Kerr and Quinn’s relationship dates back to 2017. The two met through their former agent, Mike Tannenbaum, and Kerr spent time at Seattle Seahawks training camp before his first season at Golden State.

Quinn said that Kerr reached out to him to let him know he understood what Quinn was experiencing.

“Just ‘Hey man, I’m here to talk,’” Quinn said. “‘I know what that feels like. So, if you want to talk about it, give me a call.’”

The Indians blew their own 3-1 lead to the Cubs in the World Series, and Quinn spoke with Francona in Arizona, where the Indians are in the home stretch of spring training, this week.
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“It was more like ‘Hey man, it’s tough, but this is what we signed up for.’” Quinn said. “As a real competitor, that’s really the attitude we can take … this is the world we live in man, embrace it.”

His leadership is off the charts. He interviewed exceptionally well at the combine, and that’s the kind of player who the Jets don’t have. He’s the kind of player who will improve everyone else around him, too, and with the lack of talent on this team — that’s much needed.

I thought about taking a punt on Mitch Trubisky, but with Hackenberg only a year into his career and so little tape on Trubisky, it’s just not worth the risk. Adams has a high ceiling with a high floor, which makes him a safe pick, and we can’t afford to miss on another prospect. I’ll take Jamal Adams every single day of the week
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Analysis: The analysis on Adams is spot on. Although picking him would signal the end of Calvin Pryor in New York, Adams should be a star in the NFL. While that means not getting a franchise quarterback in this year’s draft (most likely), it does give the Jets another player to build around.